What's Faker API?

Faker API it's a collection of completely free APIs that helps web developers and web designers generate fake data in a fast and easy way. No registration is required. No tokens, no authentication.

Every resource allows to choose the API language by the "_locale" parameter and also allows to select the number of rows requested by the "_quantity" parameter. Max 1000 rows.

Check the Docs to read more about every resource. In addition, it's available the Postman collection to use these APIs directly in the well-known client.

At the end of this page you will find the Test section, where you can test our APIs throug the specific form.

Current version: 1.1.1


No registration is required. No tokens, no keys or other types of authentication. Faker API it's a free service for every developer who want to use it.

Download here the Postman collection (v 2.1)
Download Postman Collection

Base URL #


Basic Usage #

Some resources allow to filter data by GET parameters.
The names of these parameters are always preceded by an underscore character "_", for example:


Data are always wrapped inside a "data" object and are always returned with the total number of rows ("total") and with the Http response "code".

Every resource accepts 3 common GET parameters:

_locale #

Default: en_US

This parameter means the language of the API response we want to get and accept the locale format "en_EN". For example:


This example returns people with french names.

_quantity #

Default: 10

Min: 1 - Max: 1000

This parameter means the number of rows we want to obtain and accept only integers. If you request more than 1000 rows (maximum) the system will return 1000 rows anyway. Example:


This example returns 5 companies.

_seed #

Default: null

This parameter accept an integer and allows to get always the same results. So, executing the same request with _seed parameter set to the same value (ex. 12345) the results will never change. Example:


Resources #













Additional optional parameters:

Parameter Description Example
_type any, animals, architecture, nature, people, tech, kittens, pokemon
_width pixels (default: 640)
_height pixels (default: 480)




Additional optional parameters:

Parameter Description Example
_gender male, female
_birthday_start date in format Y-m-d (default: -90 years)
_birthday_end date in format Y-m-d (default: now)







Additional optional parameters:

Parameter Description Example
_price_min number in format 10.35 (default: 0.01)
_price_max number in format 10.35 (default: none)
_taxes percentage (default: 22)
_categories_type integer, string, uuid (default: integer)




Additional optional parameters:

Parameter Description Example
_characters integer (default: 200)




Additional optional parameters:

Parameter Description Example
_gender male, female




This resource is the only one which does'nt follow the same rules of the others.
The 3 common parameters (_quantity, _locale, _seed) have the same usage of the other resources, but this request it's managed in a different way.

Request to this resource accepts custom parameters following this pattern:


where myCustomName1 and myCustomName2 are my custom parameters names, and customType1 and customType2 are my custom parameters types. See below the allowed types.

This allows to generate a custom ad hoc resource, using type parameters listed below:

Parameter Example
boolean false
boolean_digit 0
buildingNumber "914"
building_number "See 'buildingNumber'"
card_expiration "09\/24"
card_number "2301735126250003"
card_type "Discover Card"
city "East Americo"
company_name "Smith Group"
counter 3
country "Albania"
countryCode "KI"
country_code "See 'countryCode'"
date "2013-10-22"
dateTime {"date":"1986-08-30 01:17:01.000000","timezone_type":3,"timezone":"UTC"}
date_time "See 'dateTime'"
ean "8805512871580"
email "bwolf@vonrueden.com"
firstName "Arlo"
first_name "See 'firstName'"
image "http:\/\/placeimg.com\/640\/480\/any"
lastName "Donnelly"
last_name "See 'lastName'"
latitude 38.165364
longText "Mary Ann, and be turned out of a tree in front of them, and was going to dive in among the trees as well as she had to be sure! However, everything is queer to-day.' Just then she looked up, and there was silence for some time after the others. 'We must burn the house opened, and a piece of it at all; however, she went in without knocking, and hurried off to the Queen, in a hurry: a large plate came skimming out, straight at the sides of it; so, after hunting all about as curious as it went. So she began again: 'Ou est ma chatte?' which was a sound of a procession,' thought she, 'what would become of me?' Luckily for Alice, the little door: but, alas! either the locks were too large, or the key was too slippery; and when she had tired herself out with trying, the poor little Lizard, Bill, was in March.' As she said to the rose-tree, she went down to the little door, so she turned the corner, but the Dormouse shook itself, and began an account of the way--' 'THAT generally takes some."
long_text "See 'longText'"
longitude 122.947057
name "Oscar Lehner"
null null
number 66746
phone "+6896151639386"
pokemon "Cosmoem"
postcode "40478"
state "Vermont"
streetAddress "713 Marta Fords"
streetName "Langworth Prairie"
street_address "See 'streetAddress'"
street_name "See 'streetName'"
text "Luckily for Alice, the little glass table. 'Now, I'll manage better this time,' she said, as politely as she picked up a little house in it about four inches deep and reaching half down the bottle."
upc "241142480869"
uuid "b8d78845-c160-30e5-9ea4-b6d76b13b979"
vat "6258347976"
website "pollich.net"
word "quae"

Custom request:



Test APIs

Test Response.


Date of release: 30 April 2021

  • Snake_case synonyms for some "custom" resources
  • General fixes

Date of release: 13 March 2021

  • Upgrading core technologies

Date of release: 23 April 2020

  • Added "pokemon" type to Custom resource
  • Added Pokémon images to Image resource

Date of release: 14 April 2020

  • Added "counter" type to Custom resource

Date of release: 12 April 2020

  • First release